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Bitter Taste of Honey

Jazz band playing in the back ground
Tears making their round
Her voice carried around the club
As she poured her heart out in song
Everyone sat mesmerized
Ridding each note along with her
Captivated by her beauty

Her soul was raw
Enthralled they sat on edge
Of their seats inhaling the scent
Of her perfume mixed in with smoke
In her tale she sung of a man she
Loved how he became her heaven
And earth
He was her laughter and pain
Still she loved him even more
At night he made love like an angel
But it was the devil she saw in the light
You take the good with the bad
And regrets you drowned in a bottle
Of eyes wide shut
People shouted from their seats
Urging her on
Women relating to her song
Wiped away flow of tears
Men were moved by the
Honesty of her words the truth

She sang in each verse
When the music faded into
The night she quietly bowed
Her head and whispered
“Bitter taste of honey” and
vanished from the stage